Go To Market Series: Sales Compensation

Claire Davis | May 18, 2023

The definitive guide to Sales Compensation

A holistic and well-executed go-to-market strategy is one of the key pillars that drives sustainable, long-term growth for software companies. Regardless of your organization’s growth motion, effective go-to-market teams represent the voice of the customer and serve as critical feedback loops for product and engineering. 

In this series we use organizational data and industry perspectives to provide detailed answers to the key go-to-market questions we receive from B2B SaaS leaders.

We will examine myriad topics across GTM compensation, incentives, org structure, roles and responsibilities, forecasting, and enablement, in order to share best practices and proprietary benchmarks to help you scale your go-to-market organization.

This report details compensation structure for key employees of a sales organization, with particular focus on the individual contributor roles that drive revenue: account executives / sales reps, sales / business development representatives, and account managers. Incentives and compensation structures are a critical component of go-to-market strategy, helping to align your go-to-market teams towards shared business objectives.