Finance Leadership: A Hiring Blueprint

Caroline Brand | June 2022

Finance leadership trends from company inception to IPO

Executive hiring is the final frontier within the modern organization that is yet to benefit from the proliferation of data. Despite having data to guide nearly every other business decision – and despite the criticality of executive hiring decisions – CEOs and Founders have heretofore been forced to rely on anecdotal guidance. ICONIQ Growth set out to change that.

Determined to help derisk hiring decisions by empowering CEOs and Founders with data, we are studying every leadership hire between Founding and IPO at dozens of high caliber SaaS companies. We segment each hiring decision by growth stage in order to deliver hyper relevant insights.

The result is a series of first of their kind playbooks that help guide decision making across the entire private company lifecycle whether you are making your first leadership hire or evaluating the skillsets needed to adeptly enter the public markets.

We hope this analysis, which examines the backgrounds of Finance executives at companies from $0M ARR to IPO , serves as a north star as you build and scale your leadership team.