The New Era of Efficient Growth

Addison Anders, Vivian Guo | August 29, 2023

The data behind scaling a B2B SaaS business

In our annual research on Topline Growth and Operational Efficiency, we use a proprietary dataset of financial and operating metrics from ICONIQ Growth’s SaaS partnerships and select public companies to explore how leaders balance topline growth with operational efficiency as they scale from <$10M ARR to IPO and beyond.

Key questions we address in this report:

  • How has SaaS performance changed over the last few years?

  • Should you prioritize growth or efficiency in the current market?

  • How quickly and consistently is ARR growing and what are the drivers of new ARR?

  • How well is ARR being retained and how is the quality and size of customers changing?

  • What is the burn associated with this growth and the path to profitability?

  • What is the composition of spend and how efficiently is it being used?

  • How efficiently is the team scaling to support and further drive growth?

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