2021 IPO Preparedness and Performance

Vivian Guo | February 2, 2021

A comprehensive study of performance leading up to IPO of over 50 public software companies, as well as a deep-dive into underwriter economics and a collection of high-level best-practices regarding process

The following report aims to answer key questions across several major topics related to successfully planning for and executing an IPO

Driving Ongoing Performance

  • What do scale, growth, efficiency and profitability typically look like leading up to IPO?

  • How do these metrics evolve in post-IPO years?

  • How do top performers effectively manage the street through forecasting post IPO?

Valuation and Trading Multiples

  • How have these public software companies historically been valued – both at IPO and since?

  • How do these compare to overall market valuation?

IPO Structure & Banker Selection

  • What have the most common economic structures been over the past few years?

  • How do these vary based on which banks are involved?

Disclosure & Filing

  • What metrics are typically disclosed – both at time of IPO and on an ongoing quarterly and annual basis?

  • For those that are disclosing net retention, how are they typically defining it?