Meet the Awardees of the Maternal & Infant Health Award

The Maternal & Infant Health Award granted $12 million to organizations that are improving maternal and infant health outcomes across the globe, with a special focus on locally led, community-based programs and projects.

Mothers are often considered the anchors of our society, yet women in low-resource communities often lack access to safe, equitable, and quality maternal healthcare. Every year 4.5 million pregnant women and newborn children die; that’s one death every seven seconds. Access to maternal and infant healthcare is too often determined by location, socioeconomic status, and race. Inadequate maternal healthcare can result in undetected, severe complications for both the mother and child, including postnatal preeclampsia, sepsis, and infections. Most of these complications are detectable, and the overwhelming majority of maternal and child deaths are preventable through timely intervention and adequate care.

The $10 million Maternal & Infant Health Award—launched by ICONIQ Impact and The Patchwork Collective—will help community leaders, particularly those in lower-resource communities, improve the quality and accessibility of maternal healthcare, making pregnancy and childbirth safer for both mother and child. Together, we hope to aid communities in saving the lives of mothers and children worldwide while restoring dignity, safety, and joy to the journey of childbirth.