ICONIQ Impact Co-Labs

Our Co-Labs are collaborative philanthropy funds that allow participating donors to make strategic, multi-year grants to a curated portfolio of high-impact giving opportunities. Each Co-Lab enables champion donors to learn from, collaborate with, and co-fund alongside a group of likeminded peers.

Though climate change is the single most urgent issue humanity faces, we do not experience its effects equally. The adverse effects of climate change are inequitably distributed, and those who suffer most are often those who bear the least responsibility for the current climate crisis. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable. Half a billion women and girls survive on less than a $1.90 per day, and many—particularly those in the Global South—have livelihoods that are directly tied to and dependent upon the land.

Women and girls often serve as families’ primary food producers, fuel collectors, and water suppliers. Yet, despite their close relationship with the land, they are routinely denied access to the resources and decision-making power needed to adapt to and cope with environmental challenges. That is why ICONIQ Impact launched the Climate Equity Co-Lab—our first-ever collaborative philanthropy fund supporting organizations at the intersection of climate change, gender equity, and poverty.

Ocean Co-Lab

A $50 million philanthropic fund supporting solutions that will protect our ocean, and our planet, from a climate disaster.

Climate change is causing unprecedented damage to our ocean and the ecosystems it supports. As the world’s largest carbon sink, the ocean is our most effective buffer against climate change. Yet, despite its ability to deliver up to 21% of emission reductions needed by 2050, funding for the ocean comprises just 7% of all climate giving.

Though ocean philanthropy has grown in recent years, only 2% of ocean funding is currently directed toward solutions that help combat climate change. We launched the Ocean Co-Lab because we know that by harnessing the power of our ocean, we can have an outsized impact in the fight against climate change.

Education & Economic Mobility Co-Lab

A $50 million philanthropic fund mobilizing capital to provide equitable education and career pathways for all students in the United States.

In the 1940s, more than 90% of children grew up to earn more than their parents. Today, this number has been cut in half. Education is a powerful pathway to success and can play a critical role in propelling children upward. However, large opportunity gaps between children from different backgrounds hamper educational outcomes and stunt intergenerational mobility for the most marginalized groups.

Even today, a child’s racial and economic background remain the most powerful predictors of educational attainment and future earning potential. The Education & Economic Mobility Co-Lab aims to help break down the systemic barriers that limit educational opportunities for marginalized students across the country.