Meet the Education & Economic Mobility Co-Lab’s Portfolio Organizations

The Co-Lab’s sixteen organizations are working to close the opportunity gap in the United States by providing more equitable education and career pathways, prioritizing mental health in schools, and equipping single mothers and first-generation families with social, professional, and economic support.

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In the 1940s, more than 90% of children grew up to earn more than their parents. Today, this number has been cut in half. Education is a powerful pathway to success and can play a critical role in propelling children upward. However, large opportunity gaps between children from different backgrounds hamper educational outcomes and stunt intergenerational mobility for the most marginalized groups.

Even today, a child’s racial and economic background remain the most powerful predictors of educational attainment and future earning potential. The Education & Economic Mobility Co-Lab aims to help break down the systemic barriers that limit educational opportunities for marginalized students across the country.

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