Celebrating Our Grantees’ Impact

We have reached a milestone moment for ICONIQ Impact and our community. As of December 2023, ICONIQ Impact has mobilized over half a billion dollars in philanthropic capital for more than 200 grantees around the world. They deserve every penny and so much more. The last few years have been defined in no small part by a rise in complex and urgent challenges. Climate change has caused an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, leading to unprecedented climate migration. The youth mental health crisis has hit an all-time high, with one in four young adults around the world experiencing depression or anxiety. Violent conflict has continued to take a brutal toll on civilians, with 339 million people now in need of humanitarian assistance. But amid this darkness, there is a bright spot—organizations and individuals all over the world are stepping up in new ways to meet this moment.

At ICONIQ Impact, we’re helping philanthropists reexamine how they practice giving. And as ICONIQ Capital’s platform for collaborative philanthropy, we’re convening an extraordinary community of families, founders, and organizations to tackle some of the world’s most intractable challenges—from mitigating climate change and protecting our ocean to safeguarding democracy and ending racial and gender inequity.

We know these challenges are too complex and urgent for individual philanthropists, nonprofits, or organizations to tackle alone. These issues demand a collaborative approach in which ego is put aside, resources are pooled, expertise is leveraged, and learnings are shared to quickly find pathways forward.

We also know these problems are best solved by the experts and impacted communities closest to the issues. That’s why we center our grantees as experts.

When we began ICONIQ Impact four years ago, our idea was simple: we wanted to quickly, diligently, and effectively mobilize capital toward areas where philanthropy had a unique role to play in furthering solutions—whether that meant supporting overlooked and underfunded organizations or backing a new approach that we believed had huge potential but needed philanthropic capital to get off the ground.

As we reflect on the impact our grantees have achieved, we feel so much gratitude toward their leadership and our generous community of philanthropists supporting their efforts. It is the generosity of our donors and the ingenuity and determination of our grantees that edge us closer to a brighter future. We know this is just the beginning, and we’re more energized than ever for what’s to come.