Twin Health: On a Mission to Reverse and Prevent Chronic Metabolic Disease

By Caroline Xie and Elizabeth Mossessian | October 11, 2021

Chronic metabolic disease is widespread and growing. Over a billion people suffer from Metabolic Syndrome[1]. Worldwide, 415 million people are living with diabetes, and more than 500 million will have diabetes by 2040, according to the CDC[2]. We are proud to share ICONIQ Growth’s investment in Twin Health, a revolutionary company with a bold vision to provide precise guidance that enables reversal and prevention of chronic metabolic diseases, creating a healthier and happier life for all.

Chronic diseases are a leading driver of America’s $3.8 trillion annual health care costs[3]. Nearly $1 in every $7 spent on healthcare is focused on treating diabetes[4], including both direct costs, like prescription medications and hospital inpatient care, and indirect costs, such as reduced productivity and absenteeism.

In 2018, serial entrepreneur and inventor Jahangir Mohammad, along with co-founders Terry Poon and Maluk Mohamed, set out to address this massive health challenge by creating the Whole Body Digital Twin™, a precision health technology platform that provides personalized guidance, enabling people to reverse and prevent chronic metabolic disease, in conjunction with professional medical guidance. Historically, chronic metabolic diseases have often been addressed by strict diets, medication adherence programs, or the prescription of added medication. Twin’s mission is to empower people to reverse and prevent chronic metabolic disease, while improving energy and physical health.

When we first met Jahangir and the Twin team, we were blown away by their intellectual and clinical rigor, thoughtfulness, and compassion. Prior to launching Twin, Jahangir founded Jasper Technologies, a market leader of IoT, and Kineto Wireless, which pioneered the use of WiFi technologies in mobile phones for indoor voice and data. After learning about the pervasiveness of chronic metabolic disease globally, Jahangir dedicated thousands of hours to scientific and medical research and consulting with experts, leading to his understanding that current solutions do not sufficiently address the root cause – a damaged metabolism – and that with highly personalized and precise guidance, it can be reversed.

Twin’s Whole Body Digital Twin™ technology works by creating a digital representation of a member’s metabolic function built over time on thousands of health data points, biomarkers, and daily activities collected via wearable and IoT devices. Twin’s technology can then create a predictive model of a metabolic system to create highly personalized recommendations around a member’s nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and breathing. As the digital twin technology gathers more time series data on the member’s bio functions, reactions, and habits, it provides increasingly precise, timely and individualized guidance to empower people to reverse chronic disease.

Understanding that every individual has a metabolic system that functions differently, Twin’s technology identifies the specific and individual root causes of disease for each member, as well as which factors may be most effective to heal each member’s metabolism. For instance, emphasizing a specific sleep regimen in combination with specific nutrition – fiber and potassium intake, for example – may be more important for one member, while concentrating on physical activity at a certain time of the day along with other nutritional elements, like folate and chromium, may be important for another. Over time, Twin’s digital twin technology will track members’ metabolic responses to different precision factors in order to predict future responses and make personalized recommendations.

Throughout the program, members are engaged with a dedicated Twin health coach and their healthcare provider. The platform is conveniently mobile-first and provides real-time patient reports and responses to members and their care team based on results from the digital twin technology. Based on data from the platform, Twin will also provide medication management guidance to a member’s care team to eventually eliminate the need for medication.

Twin Health’s mission to empower people to reverse and prevent chronic metabolic disease dovetails beautifully with ICONIQ Growth’s focus on partnering with exceptional and passionate entrepreneurs driving global impact and change. After spending time with Jahangir and his team, we are excited and grateful to partner with Twin as part of their Series C financing alongside our friends at Sequoia Capital India, Perceptive Advisors, Corner Ventures, LTS Investments, Helena, and Sofina. We are honored to join Jahangir and the entire team at Twin Health as they address one of the world’s largest health and economic challenges.