Spotnana – Rearchitecting the World of Corporate Travel for the Modern Enterprise

Written by Greg Stanger and Ryan Koh | September 23, 2021

The global business travel market is enormous, with approximately $1.5T of total spending in 2019 and $500B in the US alone. Despite the enormous size of this market, the technology that supports the booking and reservations systems used by corporate agents, customers, and suppliers is woefully archaic—largely based on legacy systems with limited inventory, poor traveler facing experiences, time-consuming implementations, and limited back-end automation. New travel management technology companies have emerged with better user interfaces, but still present operational complexities rooted in their reliance on monolithic back-end solutions. To create an experience loved by both customers and travel providers, Spotnana, launching from stealth today, is offering a modern, API-based tech stack that easily incorporates all content types and provides a unified global experience for customers. ICONIQ Growth is grateful to co-lead Spotnana’s Series A alongside our friends at Madrona Venture Group, Mubadala Capital and American Express.

We are extraordinarily pleased to partner with Sarosh, Shikhar, and the entire Spotnana team to help support the company’s vision to become the first cloud-native travel technology platform offering full-service travel management and travel-as-a-service solutions.

Sarosh Waghmar, co-founder and CEO, is no stranger to the challenges of corporate travel systems, having founded and operated his own travel management company, WTMC, since 2013. Recognizing the large unaddressed opportunity, Sarosh started Spotnana in 2020 with co-founder and CTO Shikhar Agarwal, former team lead at Google’s Tensorflow and founding engineer at ThoughtSpot. Combining Sarosh’s travel industry expertise and Shikhar’s extensive technical background, they embarked on a mission to improve the travel booking experience for companies and individuals. With other team members bringing decades of experience from other leading tech or travel companies—including Airbnb, Expedia, Egencia, and Google—we believe this group has unique ability and vision to reinvent corporate travel management.

Spotnana’s ability to connect to universal supply enables access to unpublished inventory, negotiated fares and direct connection with airlines, giving corporate travelers far more choice and enabling travel providers to integrate complex fare and travel options much more easily. Spotnana also offers travel-as-a-service (TaaS) to empower agents travel management companies with a cloud-native travel technology infrastructure, creating a dramatically improved experience for agents and their customers.

As business travel picks back up and larger enterprises start to move away from their archaic travel offerings, we look forward to Spotnana becoming the foundational pillar of the future of corporate travel. Congrats again to Sarosh and Shikhar!