Reprise: Empowering organizations to unlock product-led growth

By Doug Pepper, Arnav Bimbhet, and Ryan Koh | November 9, 2021

Demos are a go-to-market (“GTM”) organization’s most pivotal tool, as it helps them effectively showcase their product value, receive feedback, and secure critical enterprise customers. However, given the technical nature of managing demos, engineering teams have historically maintained demo environments instead of sales and marketing teams that are closest to the product narrative. Unfortunately, this has led to numerous inefficiencies and meaningful pain points, such as lack of scalability, inflexibility of demos, and heavy reliance on engineering talent. Noticing the need for the GTM organization to own the demo creation process independently, the team at Reprise created a no-code demo experience platform, which empowers non-technical teams to maintain demos and deliver highly curated product experiences self-reliantly. ICONIQ Growth is thrilled and honored to partner with Reprise as they strive to help GTM teams enable product-led growth with scalable and interactive demos.

Enterprise buyers’ journeys have undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Prospective customers are far more informed about their options when speaking with vendors and are laser-focused on the underlying value propositions offered. To engage with prospective customers earlier in the process and convert them faster, sales and marketing teams have recognized the benefit of having a readily available, scalable version of their product demo for customers to play with. Sam ClemensBryan Stevenson, and Evan Powell faced these challenges and trends first-hand while at InsightSquared. The team found that their demo environment was frequently the bottleneck in elevating early product awareness and in providing scalable, customized experiences. Having experienced this pain point, the team set out to build Reprise, a no-code demo management software that enables go-to-market teams to own, update and maintain their product demos. The combination of their obsessive passion for enhancing product experiences and experience in scaling customer-centric companies, like Catalant, HubSpot and InsightSquared, has culminated in the complete platform for organizations to unlock product-led growth.

With Reprise, marketing teams can increase pipeline quality by independently creating and personalizing demos to host on their website, while sales teams can increase conversion by offering both generalized demos for top-of-funnel opportunities and customized demos for down-funnel opportunities. Companies can use Reprise to embrace product-led growth and ultimately increase conversion every step of the way.

Having spoken to numerous effusive customers and thought leaders, we believe in Reprise’s differentiated value propositions. Customers use Reprise as a low friction way to introduce prospects to the product in an interactive environment seamlessly. We heard early adopters tout Reprise as their best conversion tool and most engaging asset! Since its founding in 2020, Reprise has seen incredible early traction, substantial additions of new customers across verticals, and rapid creation of demos through the platform.

It is an honor to partner with the exceptional Reprise team – along with our friends at Bain Capital Ventures, Accomplice VC, and Glasswing Ventures – as they pave the way for this emerging category. Also joining us and supporting Reprise in this round are leaders in technology and beyond, such as Jack Altman (CEO, Lattice), Nick Mehta (CEO, Gainsight), Phil Fernandez (co-founder, Marketo), Sameer Dholakia (former CEO, SendGrid), Trevor Noah (host, The Daily Show), and many others. Congratulations to Sam, Bryan, Evan, and the broader Reprise team on an exciting milestone, and we are thrilled to support your vision of empowering every company’s product-led journey!

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