ICONIQ Growth’s Leadership Continues To Grow

January 28, 2021

ICONIQ’s strategic differentiator is people, from the visionary entrepreneurs leading our portfolio companies to our global network of founders, pioneers, and business leaders, to our colleagues who strive to elevate ICONIQ with their integrity and dedication.

As we embark on the adventures of 2021, we are filled with gratitude for our colleagues who have continuously fueled our optimism, forged ahead with grace during a tumultuous year, and catalyzed innovation at ICONIQ Growth. Since inception, we have invested in 84 exceptional companies, raised over $9 billion in commitments, and celebrated 16 portfolio IPOs and seven strategic sales. These accomplishments are only made possible by the people who have led the way on ICONIQ Growth’s journey.

With gratitude, we are proud to announce the promotion of four ICONIQ Growth team members: Caroline Xie, Chris Hubbell, Christine Edmonds, and Roy Luo. ICONIQ’s mission is to improve the world by channeling capital, talent, and ideas to initiatives that advance society — Caroline, Chris, Christine, and Roy embody this ethos in their leadership and commitment to portfolio companies and colleagues alike.

Caroline Xie, General Partner

Caroline joined ICONIQ Growth just over seven years ago from Morgan Stanley and has been instrumental to ICONIQ Growth’s success as a platform. Caroline’s sharp investment lens and trusted relationships with founders led to many of our investments including Alteryx, Braze, Datadog, Relativity, and Zoom. In addition to having deep domain expertise in SaaS, Caroline also meaningfully expanded our healthcare investment efforts, including leading investments in Komodo Health, QGenda, Benchling, GoodRx, and others.

Chris Hubbell, General Partner

Chris joined ICONIQ Growth in 2018 as a principal after spending over a decade in the executive search industry, most recently with Kindred Partners where he was a partner. At ICONIQ, Chris established our Leadership Advisory capability, part of the ICONIQ platform, that leverages proprietary datasets and operational insights to enable our portfolio companies to build leadership teams and boards designed to efficiently scale their companies. In addition, Chris has been actively involved across our entire platform as a key contributor to our investing and portfolio operations activities.

Christine Edmonds, Principal

Christine joined us in 2018 from Altman Solon TMT Consulting and oversees ICONIQ Growth’s Analytics team which supports our portfolio companies in making data-driven decisions and manages our internal data foundation and strategy. Under Christine’s leadership, the Analytics team has produced over 15 studies across topics including COVID Impact, Growth and EfficiencyIPO Preparedness and Performance, and the Developer Stack. Christine and her team also work closely with our individual portfolio companies on a one-on-one basis, serving as advisors across their strategic growth and operational plans.

Roy Luo, Principal

Formerly of Technology Crossover Ventures, Roy joined ICONIQ in 2018 and invests in high growth SaaS business across multiple sectors, while also driving our growth buyout efforts. Roy led or co-led our investments in Conexiom, Enfusion, HighRadius, and Truckstop and works closely with those teams to support their success.

Congratulations to these ICONIQ Growth senior team members on their promotions. We are grateful for the excellence and passion they bring to ICONIQ.