Hightouch: Democratizing Data Access and Actionability Across Your Organization

November 17, 2021

By Doug Pepper, Matt Jacobson, Arnav Bimbhet, Richa Mehta, and Austin Liang

We are excited to partner with co-founders Josh CurlKashish Gupta and Tejas Manohar and the amazing team at Hightouch as they help organizations operationalize their valuable data and enable more teams to act on the insights. We strongly believe that Reverse ETL will serve as a critical component of the modern data stack as organizations seek to democratize their data to business users, and that the Hightouch team, with its depth of expertise and strong customer orientation, is uniquely positioned to build a game-changing product and business in this emerging space!

Organizations everywhere recognize the importance of data to inform decisions, but it’s difficult to turn any data-driven insights into action. While recent innovation in data infrastructure software has empowered organizations to seamlessly collect and analyze their data, there remains a tremendous opportunity to democratize access to data across the company so that it can be operationalized. Hightouch’s Reverse ETL platform knocks down the silo by enabling enterprises to seamlessly sync their data to the various SaaS, marketing, sales and customer success platforms that business teams rely on. For example, sales teams can see predictive scores on their customers’ propensity to buy directly within their CRM, marketers can leverage sophisticated data-driven models for customer segmentation and personalization, and customer success teams can align on “health scores” to address potential issues within their customer base. We’re seeing new use cases rapidly emerge as teams realize the power of operationalizing their data to personalize customer interactions and improve internal workflows.

As early engineers at Segment, Tejas and Josh gained deep understanding of the challenges customers face when trying to empower non-data teams with insights. Inspired, they teamed up with Kashish, who had also observed this problem at other technology companies, to found Hightouch. Their platform enables data teams and business users to access any data residing in an organization’s cloud data warehouse without complex infrastructure or logic. Users can use SQL queries, or Hightouch’s no-code visual mapper, to enrich workflows within existing SaaS tools with relevant, actionable data. There’s no doubt that data-driven insights—such as custom marketing qualified lead (MQL) scores, prospects’ propensity to buy, churn risk and customer lifetime value (LTV)—are far more powerful if they’re accessible via everyday tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Braze, NetSuite and Slack. Traditionally, this kind of data connectivity required weeks of engineers’ time to configure, along with continuous maintenance, validation and rebuilding to ensure that these brittle pipelines did not break. With Hightouch, businesses can set up performant and continuous syncs in mere minutes.

The advocacy and appreciation we heard from Hightouch customers was exceptionally positive. They highlighted Hightouch’s superior product and user experience as delightful and second to none. Customers also shared strong feedback on the tremendous and immediate tangible value generated by the Hightouch platform, including increased customer LTV, reduced customer churn, major prospect wins, freeing of engineering resources and better alignment between product, go-to-market and engineering functions. Leading B2B companies such as Ramp, Lucidchart, Plaid, Retool and SurveyMonkey, as well as well-known B2C brands such as Imperfect Foods, Autotrader, Nando’s, and Headway, are using Hightouch to make their customer data more actionable. The clear ROI from Hightouch was also reflected in the versatility of their solution and endorsement across organizations, from CTOs to VPs of data, heads of growth, business operations leaders, product managers and engineers. We were also blown away by the glowing feedback on the Hightouch team. Every interaction with Josh, Kashish and Tejas left us extremely impressed by their astute vision, intellectual curiosity, and prodigious grasp of the market. Our conversations with customers consistently yielded significant praise about the broader team’s domain expertise and customer focus.

Since coming out of stealth less than a year ago, Hightouch has seen incredibly rapid momentum and commercial traction. The team’s ability to uniquely understand and cater to customer needs with their self-serve, go-to-market motion, low-touch procurement and intuitive platform ensures a magical user experience from the onset. Yet even with all their success, Josh, Kashish and Tejas are merely at the beginning of what we believe will be a sensational journey. They have already launched a second product, Hightouch Audiences, for marketers to build customer segments atop existing SQL models in a no-code user interface and have seen strong adoption from leading B2C companies like Autotrader.

Partnering with innovative data infrastructure and analytics platforms has been a core focus for us at ICONIQ Growth and we are excited to welcome Hightouch into our growing portfolio of data-focused market leaders, including Fivetran, Collibra, Dataiku and Monte Carlo Data. We are humbled and delighted to lead Hightouch’s Series B and join our friends at Amplify Partners and Bain Capital Ventures along with several strategic angels, including Barr Moses (founder of Monte Carlo), Maxime Beauchemin (original creator of Airflow), Gene Lee (founder of Ramp), and Alex Paul (Chainsmokers). We could not be more thrilled to support Josh, Kashish, and Tejas and the amazing Hightouch team as they continue to execute on their mission to fundamentally change the way the business world consumes, experiences and operationalizes data.