Congratulations to the ICONIQ Cloud 100 Class of 2021!

August 10, 2021

ICONIQ Growth is excited to announce that the 2021 Forbes Cloud 100 list1 has been released and, this year, 20 of our portfolio companies have been named to the list. This annual list is comprised of the top privately held cloud companies that are reshaping their respective industries.

In addition to the companies featured this year, we also have 19 alumni that have now graduated from past years’ lists! Thanks to our incredible portfolio leaders, ICONIQ Growth continues to be the most active dedicated growth investor in Cloud 100 companies since 20162.

Join us in congratulating the ICONIQ Cloud 100 class of 2021:

An easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases, Airtable allows users to create flexible spreadsheets without any coding experience required. ICONIQ has partnered with Airtable since 2021.

Co-Founder & CEO: Howie Liu; Co-Founder: Andrew Ofstad

A developer of web publishing platforms, eCommerce platforms, and open-source blogging software, Automattic is enabling users of all abilities to easily create, update, and manage content for a website. ICONIQ has partnered with Automattic since 2013.

Founder & CEO: Matt Mullenweg

A cybersecurity asset inventory management platform, Axonius enables agentless deployment without scanning or reading networks and supports remote, cloud, and on-premise environments. ICONIQ has partnered with Axonius since 2021.

Co-Founder & CEO: Dean Sysman; Co-Founder & CTO: Ofri Shur; Co-Founder & Chief Architect: Avidor Bartov

A unified R&D platform, Benchling enables researchers to accelerate, measure, and forecast research and development from discovery to bioprocessing all in one place. ICONIQ has partnered with Benchling since 2020.

Co-Founder & CEO: Sajith Wickramasekara; Co-Founder & President: Ashu Singhal

A customer engagement platform designed for marketing, growth, and engagement teams, Braze helps forge customer connections and drive growth with a variety of data-driven, cross-channel solutions with capabilities ranging from real-time data streaming to messaging across email and apps. ICONIQ has partnered with Braze since 2017.

Co-Founder & CEO: Bill Magnuson; Co-Founder & CTO: Jonathan Hyman

A subscription-based scheduling software, Calendly enables individuals and teams to connect schedules from multiple calendars, share availabilities, create and automate rules, indicate scheduling preferences, and book meetings without the hassle of back-and-forth emails. ICONIQ has partnered with Calendly since 2020.

Founder & CEO: Tope Awotona

A data governance platform designed to accelerate and automate digital business operations, Collibra enables organizations to find, understand, and trust their data, ensuring quality and accessibility. ICONIQ has partnered with Collibra since 2016.

Co-Founder & CEO: Felix Van de Maele; Co-Founder & Chief Data Citizen: Stijin Christiaens; Co-Founder: Pieter De Leenheer

An open source, end-to-end software development platform, GitLab is designed to unify issue tracking, code review, continuous integration, and continuous delivery into a single user interface. ICONIQ has partnered with GitLab since 2018.

Co-Founder & CEO: Sid Sijbrandij; Co-Founder: Dmitriy Zaporozhets

An education platform designed to bridge the gap between education and employment, Guild Education offers online classes, programs, degrees, personalized advising, and retention coaching, allowing employers to offer education as a benefit to their employees. ICONIQ has partnered with Guild Education since 2019.

Co-Founder & CEO: Rachel Carlson; Co-Founder: Brittany Stich

A cloud infrastructure automation platform, HashiCorp is designed to solve challenges related to development, operations, and security by enabling organizations to adopt workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. ICONIQ has partnered with HashiCorp since 2019.

CEO: Dave McJannet; Co-Founder & CTO: Armon Dadgar; Co-Founder: Mitchell Hashimoto

A fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, HighRadius provides a variety of solutions to help companies increase operational efficiency and achieve a stronger ROI through automation, optimizing cash flow, and reducing days sales outstanding and bad debt. ICONIQ has partnered with HighRadius since 2019.

Founder & CEO: Sashi Narahari

A unified sales enablement platform, Highspot provides revenue teams a single solution to enhance customer conversations and drive repeatable revenue with actionable analytics, training, and engagement intelligence. ICONIQ has partnered with Highspot since 2019.

Co-Founder & CEO: Robert Wahbe; Co-Founder & Chief Solution Architect: Oliver Sharp

A Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP), Intercom helps businesses engage and support customers through personalized, messenger-based experiences, which lend to business growth, increased customer satisfaction, and more efficient teams. ICONIQ has partnered with Intercom since 2015.

CEO: Karen Peacock; Co-Founder: Eoghan McCabe; Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer: Des Traynor; Co-Founder & CTO: Ciaran Lee; Co-Founder & Front-End Developer: David Barrett

A digital product design platform, InVision enables creative collaboration across teams and geographies with design tools and educational resources to help designers navigate every stage of the product design process. ICONIQ has partnered with InVision since 2016.

Co-Founder & CEO: Clark Valberg; Co-Founder & Principal Engineer: Ben Nadel

An asynchronous collaboration software platform, Loom allows individuals, teams, and enterprises to quickly and easily communicate with instantly shareable videos without switching applications or uploading content. ICONIQ has partnered with Loom since 2021.

Co-Founder & CEO: Joe Thomas; Co-Founder & CTO: Vinay Hiremath; Co-Founder: Shahed Khan

A visual collaboration suite, Lucid enables teams to see and build the future with virtual whiteboarding, intelligent diagramming, and cloud visualization, empowering organizations to take their initial ideas to successful delivery. ICONIQ has partnered with Lucid since 2018.

Co-Founder & CEO: Karl Sun; Co-Founder & CTO: Ben Dilts

A visual collaboration platform, Miro enables real-time and asynchronous collaboration on an infinitive canvas and allows for brainstorming and collaboration workshops, UX research and design, agile workflows, and much more. ICONIQ has partnered with Miro since 2020.

Co-Founder & CEO: Andrey Khusid; Co-Founder: Oleg Shardin

A cloud security platform, Netskope provides visibility, real time data, and threat protection while accessing cloud services, websites, and private applications. ICONIQ has partnered with Netskope since 2015.

Co-Founder & CEO: Sanjay Beri; Co-Founder & Chief Architect: Ravi Ithal; Co-Founder & CTO: Krishna Narayanaswamy

An online work collaboration platform, Notion enhances productivity between teams with an all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, wikis, and projects. ICONIQ has partnered with Notion since 2020.

Co-Founder & CEO: Ivan Zhao; Co-Founder: Simon Last

An end-to-end cloud-based software suite for the home and commercial service industries, ServiceTitan offers CRM, intelligent dispatch, custom reporting, marketing automation, payments integrations, and more to help streamline operations and customer service. ICONIQ has partnered with ServiceTitan since 2016.

Co-Founder & CEO: Ara Mahdessian; Co-Founder & President: Vahe Kuzoyan

[1] The Forbes Cloud 100 submissions were accepted during May 2021.  Nominated companies submit qualitative and quantitative data (within given ranges) to generate a financial score considering the companies’ valuation, revenue, and growth rate.  The financial score is then factored in alongside a people and culture score using third-party data providers, and a market leadership score determined by several dozen of the list nominees’ public CEO peers, who are no longer eligible for the list themselves.

[2] Solely based on ICONIQ’s analysis of information available from Crunchbase and Pitchbook data and includes any company listed on Forbes’ Cloud 100 Best Private Companies from 2016-2021; includes 38 ICONIQ Strategic Partners investments as well as Survey Monkey — ICONIQ advised funds invested in SurveyMonkey prior to the existence of ICONIQ Strategic Partners Funds. Had ICONIQ Strategic Partners Funds existed at the time of investment, this investment would have been offered and allocated to ICONIQ Strategic Partners Funds. The universe of investors considered in this analysis excludes early-stage venture investors and other investors with an active focus beyond growth equity including public equities. More information is available upon request.