Celebrating the Women of ICONIQ

Sruthi Ramaswami | March 12, 2021

At ICONIQ, we measure success by our people — a global network of incredible families, entrepreneurs, companies, agents of social change and importantly, our own team.

In celebration of Women’s History month, we are excited to spotlight the amazing women of ICONIQ Growth. From leading investments to collaborating with our portfolio leaders to supporting critical operations, we are so grateful for the significant contributions they drive for our platform.

We at ICONIQ Growth are also deeply grateful to be a part of the broader ICONIQ family that is dedicated towards supporting women and all people of different backgrounds. Women make up 52% of the ICONIQ team (1). Our vibrant employee engagement groups, ICONIQ Women, ICONIQ DE&I, ICONIQ Cares, ICONIQ Parents and ICONIQ Social, bring us together to connect and engage in meaningful ways, share experiences, work together towards common causes and celebrate who we are as 1ICONIQ family.

Below are reflections from ICONIQ Growth team members on words of wisdom, pivotal moments in their careers, people who have made a difference and visions for the future. Read on to learn more!

(1) As of February 28, 2021.

(2) As of March 10, 2021. Number of investments and capital deployed reflect all closed transactions of the ICONIQ Strategic Partners funds since inception.